We, theReagan Republicans, pledge to defend the principles of a free nation, united under God, with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We believe in a free society, individual responsibility, limited government and a free enterprise economy. We pledge to support the Republican Party and defend those principles of governance defined by the Founding Fathers, espoused by Ronald Reagan, and enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America.


In order to make a real difference for the lives of citizens of our State and our Nation we, as an organization, will actively engage in activities with these four essential objectives, Our PACT,

Party Building: The Reagan Republicans are not a faction or ideological sub-set of the Republican Party.  We are an organization dedicated to expanding the party and rebuilding the Reagan Coalition that created the greatest electoral landslides in American history. We will do the essential work of building the party, door to door, precinct to precinct, district to district. We will use both modern technology and old-fashioned shoe leather to create an ongoing Republican majority.

Activism: We plan to create a well-prepared group of Republican activists that can help our candidates at very short notice.  We will counter efforts by ACORN and other outside Democrat groups by being ready and mobile to meet bussed in “community organizers” at every incursion.  We will help the Republican Party to never again be caught off guard.

Citizenship: Through our Watchman on the Wall program we will monitor issues, candidates and office-holders with vigilance and persistence.  We will act as a clearing house for information to enlighten Republican candidates as well as also keep our members informed so they can act on issues that are important to them.

Training: For Republicans to win elections, we must have the best trained volunteers to do the work of campaigns.  We are committed to recruiting and training candidates, campaign managers, treasurers, and press coordinators.  We desire to be a reliable source of highly competent campaign volunteers for Republican candidates at all levels.

Our mission at the Reagan Republicans is to actively serve our State and Nation in the tradition of President Ronald Wilson Reagan.  We believe, as Reagan did, that the Republican Party is the political party with the greatest opportunity and ability to defend our Constitution and the values that made America the greatest nation on earth.  We believe only the blessings of liberty, limited government and a healthy Republic will secure our Nation’s future, prosperity, safety, and freedom.
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